Clients We See

  • Clients with Chronic Disease Management Plans (CDMP)
  • Self managed / plan managed National Disability Insurance Scheme clients (NDIS)
  • Private clients - home / residential home (referral not required)
  • Aged care packages

Conditions Treated

-   Improving mobility and transfers
-   Rehabilitation post hospital
-   Falls prevention and safety
-   Tailored exercise programs
-   Arranging walking aids and equipment
-   Soft tissue massage
-   Postural alignment
-   Respiratory conditions
-   Restoring function
-   Balance training
-   Pain relief
-   Treatment of vertigo / dizziness
-   Manual handling training of carers / staff in facilities or at home (certificate IV)
-   And much more....

What To Expect

The first visit to your house will consist of a thorough assessment of your situation and needs. This may include looking at your medical history, strength, balance, mobility and pain. Together we will develop a treatment plan tailored for your personal needs and goals. This involves hands on treatment, exercises, recommendation and advice.

Please contact us via mobile, email or fax for more details and fees.